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The Caveman's Guide To Social Media Marketing

Pay close attention to every word on this page to learn how Relationship Marketing can Identify Enormous prospects for your product and Spike up your Sales in Record time.

Social Media Optimization is

A Process of Optimizing your site/ blog to be more visible in social media searches and sites, more easily linked by other sites, and more frequently, discusses online in blog posts and other social media.
                                                                                                              - Ogilvy

Social Media Networking is all about Engaging with Customers Where they Are, with Content they Value.

Say Hello To Cloud Marketing!

Cloud Marketing is all about Engaging Groups and Initiating Conversations using Blogs , Micro Blogs, Online Chats, RSS, Widgets, Social Networks, Social Bookmarks, Message Boards, Podcasts, Video Sharing Sites, Photo Sharing Sites, Virtual Worlds, Wikis and other Social Media Platforms for deeper audience penetration.

67-million Americans used online social-networks in an average month during 2008, and that number is projected to exceed 95-million within 24 to 36 months. The amount of time online Americans spent on social network and blogging sites in August 2009 accounted for 17% of all time spent on the internet, a figure that is nearly triple the percentage of time spent a year ago, according to statistics from The Nielsen Company.

7 Reasons Why You Should Be On The Cloud

Reason # 1: Because Social Networking Sites are officially the most popular sites after Porn Sites.

Reason #2: Because 3 Out Of 4 Americans Use Social Technology.

Reason #3: Because 2/3 Of The Global Internet Population Visit Social Networks.

Reason #4: Because Visiting Social Sites Is Now The 4th Most Popular Online Activity - Ahead Of Personal Email.

Reason #5: Because Time Spent On Social Networks Is Growing At 3X The Overall Internet Rate.

Reason #6: Because Social Media Is Democratizing Communications. BIG TIME.

Reason #7: Because Social Media Is Like WORD OF MOUTH On STEROIDS.

**Source: Nielsen, Global Faces & Networked Places, 2009

The Mighty Social Media

*Source: Universal McCann Comparative Study On Social Media Trends April 2008

  • Wikipedia - 13,000,000+ Articles
  • Youtube - 100,000,000+ Video Views Every Day
  • Blogger - 200,000,000+ Blog Posts
  • Facebook - 200,000,000+ Active Users
  • Flicker - 3,600,000,000+ Archived Pics
  • Twitter - 3,000,000+ Average number of Tweets per Day
  • Second Life - 1.5 million residents

there's no other better time in history to build a legit business then now and the way to do it is using social media.

Social Media Buzz

*Source: Universal McCann Comparative Study On Social Media Trends April 2008

  • 73% of active online users have read a blog
  • 45% of them have started their own blog
  • 39% subscribed to an RSS feed
  • 57% have joined a social network
  • 55% have uploaded Photos
  • 83% have watched video clips

It's not a FAD, it's a fundamental shift in the way we communicate.

Stop Screaming About Your Brand

   87% of sales come from referrals. Not Paid!
   Average person is exposed to 3000 advertising messages/ day
   Only 14% of people trust advertisements
   78% of people trust the recommendations of other consumers

Yes, We Are Talking About Conversational Marketing..

A Conversation which is

  • Transparent
  • Inclusive
  • Authentic
  • Vibrant and
  • Consumer Driven

Right now people are making Conversations; they are talking about Brands, Products and just everything

   34% post opinions about products and brands on their blogs
   36% think more positively about companies that have blogs
   32% trust blogger's opinion on products and service
   93% Believe a company should have a presence in social media

Customers don't care about your AD they care what their friends think. The Message Is Very Clear,


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***Source: Cone, Business in Social Media Study, September 2008

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