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"For many businesses with Low ad budget, the Social Media Networking is their sole means of Marketing."

- New York Times (23 July 2009)

The reason why Social media networking is a huge success is because of it's friend-of-a-friend (FOAF) trust model similar to word of mouth (WOM). Study Reveals that, while 14% People Trust Ads, 76% of People trust consumer recommendations for purchase decisions. Since FOAF model enables users to interact with network users to whom they are not otherwise directly connected. Users can establish different rules of engagement for different types of connections in their network; the closer the connection to a user in terms of degrees of separation, the more trusted that user is. This is the key difference between Social networking and traditional SEO or PPC strategies. Users maintain direct connections to their friends, but they also have some level of access to the direct connections their friends maintain to other people.

Public social networking services such as Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Friendster can be valuable sales, marketing and support tools if you know how to effectively apply them for your business.

Our Strategy

Here's what happens after you Sign up

  Step 1. Soon after you Sign up, you will be directed to our simple questionnaire created to understand
              your business needs.

  Step 2. Within the next 24hours, our Search Engine Analysis team will be analyzing your website on various
              Search Engine and Social Media factors. We will send you a comprehensive report for your website with

  Step 3. Our first step to Social Media visibility starts by creating branded profiles on 12+ Social Networks including
              Twitter (2 profiles)
              Facebook (Profile, Page and Custom Fan Page)
              LinkedIn (Profile)
              + 7 profiles on populated social networks. (MySpace, Xing, Digg, Tumblr, Stumbleupon, Friendfeed)

  Step 4. The key to social media success is not having a bunch of networks but managing them diligently. All your
              social media profiles are integrate centrally so that you can update posts to all of them from a single
              message window. Access to this message update box will be on members area.

  Step 5. Once your networks are integrated, we will manually manage profiles by adding new friends, removing
              non performing profiles, responding to enquiries and updating fresh new website promotional content via               safe OAuth verified automation scripts.

  Step 6. You will receive campaign status report with log in credential to members area, Website stats and also
              average cost per visits calculation (CPV) every week. Read more... Download PDF

Campaigns at SocialCreeper are optimized to deliver targeted visits at a affordable fixed monthly fee. Lets have a glance at prevailing market cost of Advertising and other social media services:

Click Reports to view our sample report with log in access to all social profiles that we set up for your business and weekly visitor stats. Have a quick look at our Clients and Branded Twitter/ FaceBook Portfolio.

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