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1. What is SocialCreeper?
2. How long have you been operating this business?
3. Is Social Media Applicable to My business?
4. What is the daily profile activity that you perform?
5. Can you use a username and custom URL of our choice?
6. Can we suggest for a social network that you currently don't support could it be added to your system?
7. What happens once we sign up?
8. Do you actually do the tweets and post and comments to drive these social platforms that you build or does all the content came from the end user?
9. Is there any on-going content created?
10. Monitoring for followers that businesses might not prefer? How is that handled? How much is actually done?
11. What happens to all the profiles you set up if I decide to no longer use the service?
12. Do you guys also throw in the occasional funny / blooper /viral YouTube video to keep it light and funny?
13. How are my profiles Automated?
14. How can I best use the viral buzz tool provided by you?
15. How does the SEO on combo plan help us?
16. Can u provide a week's demo so that we can at least understand this and if it’s useful we pay and continue?
17. Can you white label the social creeper for our customers?
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