Going Viral: The Power of Google ‘+1′ and Facebook ‘Likes’

The internet has transformed within the last several years where social media platforms have created a new interface to communicate with the world.  The way people socialize, market, relax, or do business has changed to the point where sitting in front of the computer and visiting Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Youtube, etc. can fulfill basic needs.  Never in the past have people become so interconnected.  Mobile phones have changed rapidly to create smart phones capable of jumping onto web services with a simple motion.  Tablets are easy to carry and provide a countless array of applications that instantly take you to the social media resources that you need.  The internet has become so important in daily activities to stay in touch and communicate with whomever.

Going Viral

Going Viral

This rapid and progressive change has created a valuable resource in which we can now pass information quickly throughout the web and reach a countless number of individuals that we may not have been able to previously.  The best term for this type of exchange of information is known as going viral.  This great opportunity to spread marketing information virally requires careful planning as well as thinking outside of the box on how to create content that people will enjoy so much that they are willing to share it with their friends, family, and associates.  Making your content viral is one of the most important steps in order to build recognition and credibility on the world wide web.  People need to frequently see quality and valuable content floating on the internet to continuously drive them to the source of this information, whether fan page or personal webpage.

Power of Google ‘+1′

This newer social site is growing rapidly and there is a big push from Google itself, via TV and internet advertising, to join this new experience.  It is a more basic form of a social site but provides excellent tools that are appealing to its audience as well as a greater opportunity to spread content.  Not only by simply +1 pages or content you enjoy but any information you share is also visible via Google+ search while logged into an account.  This makes everything more visible to anyone and grows the opportunity to go viral.

Power of Facebook ‘Likes’

Right now it is obvious that Facebook is the clear cut choice for social networks as the quantity of users far surpasses anything else in the market.  With that in mind it is an excellent tool that can be used to drive your content to as many people as possible by enticing readers or viewers of your content to either like or share your page.  People won’t like just anything they see but rather what appeals to them.  So it is once again your job to make something that is visually appealing and valuable to any viewer while at that same times invites them to like or share the page on their profiles so others can view it as well.

Common Problems with Facebook / Google+ Virality

There are a few potential problems found on both Facebook and Google+.  Starting with Facebook, people can unsubscribe from any news feeds from friends or pages that post/like information to frequently which can be a turnoff.  I can say that I am accused of unsubscribing from friends or pages because of their activity and frequent posts that are either unappealing or just plain too many a day that diminishes the updates I want to see from the majority rather than just one individual.  Another common problem on Facebook can be how long your content may be viewable to others when liked because there is a mass amount of information being shared it can push what was liked further down.

Google+ is at the beginning stage where everyone’s content shows up but it allows a slight bit of filtering by seeing any updates made via the circles feature.  Also, there is a minimum amount of posts and updates being made on this social service at the time as people are either new to it or have an account but spend more time on other social networks because of the higher activity that takes place with friends.  Although your content doesn’t reach a lot of people what you post and potentially share on Google+ will be more visible to the few who frequent the page.

If what you created is really worth a ‘+1′ or ‘Like’ the right people will see and share it but the potential of its outreach depends on both the creator and viewer.  Remember the best method to allow content to grow and spread is through the quality of the content and making it available in as many mediums possible beyond even Google+ or Facebook.  The more it is shared the greater the opportunity to reach the maximum amount of viewers.