Facebook vs Google+

With Facebook and Google+ attempting to out do one another there are a few items I want to point out in regards to the differences between one site and the other.  Hopefully these pointers and tips will assist you in determining which social marketing tool will help you to grow your fan base.  It may turn out that using both can reach different visitors/audience members.

1. Current Users

Yes, one thing that clearly stands out at this time is the fact that very few people use Google+ and those that have a Google+ account are still learning how to master it.  At this point of time Facebook has over 800 million users while Google+ has over 90 million users.  The Google+ account is still in its infancy stage and has a lot of room to expand and grow which provides further reasoning to make a larger push of trying to dominate that social marketing tool.  Google is dumping money and time in advertising Google+ so don’t pass it by assuming that Facebook may be the best because it has a larger audience as things could rapidly change in the blink of an eye.  Don’t believe me just reflect on this example – Myspace was ahead of the game and was outdone quickly by Facebook which was a smaller start-up at that time.  History has a way of repeating itself.

2. Get Ahead of the Curve

Many businesses and services have yet to create their own business page for Google+.  This can be used to your advantage by increasing the recognition and stronghold with this social media tool.  Don’t let this opportunity pass you by and allow others to get in before you.  Facebook has been flooded by businesses and has some room to grow but the opportunity to be the first one out there has passed by.

3. Growth/Revenue

We know that Google is all about growth and advertising revenue which makes me assume they may use their social media source to create further advertising for target markets.  Previously, Google has paid businesses using their blog or video resources via their advertising success on the page.  What would stop them from doing the same thing on a successful business page?  This is personal opinion though.  Both Facebook and Google+ could create strong communities that are interactive on this social medium as well as on your personal web page/blog.

4. Reaching Out

The more we reach out to individuals through various mediums the more contact and potential growth we will have on personal sites/blogs.  Use both social resources if you feel it will provide yourself with value but don’t use them both if it stretches you out too thin and in turn makes it harder to stay on top of the page growth.

5. Facebook vs. Google+

As of recent, Facebook has made changes and is planning to make further changes that makes it more difficult for your fan page status and updates to be seen by viewers…even viewers who want to read your content.  Google+ on the other hand is making it simple for new and old viewers to come visit the site and read its content.Once more these are just a few suggestions that you may want to consider when determining where you should focus all of your strength and energy.  To continue to learn further tips and tricks that could be beneficial to you like our page on Facebook.  Feel free to share thoughts on what you think may change or how Facebook or Google+ may pull ahead of the other or maintain dominance.