Creating OUT OF THIS WORLD Fan Page Content

When creating or adding page content you need to understand that people will be coming to the page because you offer fresh and unique information that is of value to them. Providing quality content for your visitor is more important than anything. They need to enjoy their experience they have when visiting your page. They need to feel like they can return again and again while maintaining that same feeling of gaining something out of your fan page. Once more, quality content will attract the right kind of audience and interaction that you look for to build an out of this world fan page.

What is Quality Content?

Quality content is the fresh content that is created for your first time visitors and fans. It is the meat of your fan page. This can consist of some links to articles, videos, or images from other pages or fan; however, a good 20/80 rule can be followed where 20% of the content provided on the page is from other sources while the majority, 80%, comes from you. People want to know what you think and what you have to share.

So how can you make quality content that is both your own and fresh? Here are some basic yet fundamental steps that are implemented constantly on my personal fan pages to provide quality content.

Research Your Content

Doing the necessary research to understand what your market needs to hear. Study material on the subject, blogs, fan pages, go to seminars, etc. Do whatever you need to in order to become the master of what you want to share.  Remember that research is a constant process to stay up to par with what you need to know so that your customers can receive the best service or value when visiting the page.

Quality Time = Quality Content

The more time you spend on writing articles, taking photos, creating videos, implementing activities, etc. will show. People know when you have quickly put together something compared to when you have spent quality time to produce a valued end result. What you put into your work will reflect based on your fan page activity and growth. To gain quality members quality work should be shared.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Social Media Tips

Don’t allow yourself to become intimidated by providing new and fresh content on a frequent basis. Just because it may be out of your norm doesn’t mean you aren’t good with presenting valuable information. With every post you take and every new step to improve your page you are learning far more then if you were to just read other pages.  Practice is the best way to truly learn what you have previous studied and the best part is when you continue to practice and make a few mistakes here and there you also begin to learn and adjust quicker.  The more practice you have the easier it becomes to create the type of content that will WOW your audience.  With each post you will better understand what fans like or dislike and you will be able to cater to their specific needs. Start implementing and posting what you know now and continue to push yourself to look outside of the box for anything innovative that can be implemented to truly create quality content.

Be Yourself

Share data, statistics, creative content, but above all be yourself. If you come off as being a robot people will think your page is cold and assume you are sharing information without really caring about who they are and how you can help them. Try your best to not miss an opportunity to attract a wider audience through your personally efforts of providing content that truly touches them and their needs. Share personal thoughts and experiences as well as get the fan page community involved.. Let your personality shine when creating the content you want so others learn more about you and what you offer.